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Posted on 16 May, in Noticias, Tecnología | 0 comments

R.I.P. Freehand

R.I.P. Freehand

Para mi no era más que una crónica de una muerte anunciada. Como era de esperarse Adobe ya no seguirá invirtiendo recursos en desarrollando Freehand. Larga vida a Illustrator, descansa en paz Freehand! Aquí les dejó un extracto de la nota oficial.

After a long and storied career, Adobe (neé Altsys, Aldus, and Macromedia) FreeHand has reached the end of its development road. The application has not been revised since Macromedia released MX nearly four years ago, after which the company removed FreeHand from the Studio product line. Adobe has created an FAQ (PDF) that explains the details of the decision not to rev FreeHand, talks about Illustrator CS3 features added to make FreeHand users more comfortable, and more. [Note: The official product pages aren’t all updated yet; hence my posting this info on the blog.] Here are the highlights:

Adobe and FreeHand
Adobe does not plan to develop and deliver any new feature-based releases of FreeHand, or to deliver patches or updates for new operating systems or hardware. Adobe will, however, continue to sell FreeHand MX, and will offer technical and customer support according to our support policies.

FreeHand Upgrade Path
A special upgrade to Illustrator CS3 is available to all registered owners of FreeHand for $199 U.S. This upgrade is available worldwide through the Adobe Store and through the Channel. There is no direct FreeHand to Creative Suite 3 upgrade, but FreeHand owners who also own Adobe or Macromedia products that are eligible for upgrade to the Suite can use that path to move to the Suite.

R.I.P. Freehand R.I.P. Freehand R.I.P. Freehand


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